iPhone13 tethering to SFT1200 Opal (USB->ethernet problem)

Hi! I deeply apologize about my complete network illiteracy. I am trying to connect iPhone 13 to Opal. And I feel like I am a few clicks from doing it. I turn on “Personal hotspot”, connect iPhone to USB->rj45 connector, connect rj45 to opal WAN. It sees it. And iphone shows USB10/LAN100 network appeared. But something is not working. Opal is forever “Connecting…”. My settings for IP, Router, Subnet Mask, DNS are “automatic” on iphone. Opals’ protocol is DHCP.

At some point, when I set “manual” and assigned “reasonable” in my view static values in iphone or Opal (I do not remember already) Opal connected to it, telling that it has no Internet and Subnet Mask has conflicting value somewhere. Now I can not reproduce this.

I feel like I just need to assign proper values on both sides, and it will work!
Could you guys help me?

PS Tried “Maximize Compatibility” on the phone - nothing. Tried randomly clicking “BootP” on the phone and “PPPoE” on the Opal, did not help. I anyone can tell me what are these for, would be great as well.

PS if this does not belong here, please move it to the adequate department.

Just FYI, I have strong reasons to use specifically USB->rj45. IAnd I know that it works better with just USB.

I discovered that when hooked to USB it has the following values (below). Maybe by using those values as a static configuration for USB-rj45 it will make it work…

* IP Address172.20.10.5
* Gateway172.20.10.1
* DNS Server172.20.10.1
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