IPv6 for GL-B1300

I am currently trying to set up my GL-B1300, where I have been able to get IPv4 working, but not apparently not IPv6. My B1300 is sitting behind a FritzBox 7530 with PPPoE passthrough enabled, and my ISP provides native IPv6. I’m wondering does the GL-B1300 natively support IPv6, as I can see that in the documentation for the Brume there is a function for IPv6, but this isn’t available B1300 configuration. I know there are the advanced options, but I am completely new to OpenWRT and have no idea how to configure this. I can however see that the WAN6 interface does have an IPv6 address.

The configuration of my FritzBox IPv6 settings looks like this.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

IPv6 will be added to B1300 in firmware 3.200 firmware. It should be available in January.

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Hi everyone, any news for the new firmware and ipv6 ? Thanks a lot !

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Check the snapshot GL.iNet download center

It should be available these days.

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I still cannot seem to get this to work, even now with IPv6 enabled on the B1300. I have been provided by my ISP a /64 NDP prefix, a /48 delegation prefix, and an IPv6 DNS server address. It appears that the NDP address and DNS server address is picked up by the router, but I don’t think the delegation is working? Could I configure this in LuCI?