IPv6 NAT6 that creates ULA address still wrong after 2 years

Had an Opal with version 3.x that had this issue.

Beryl with firmware 3.x/4.x still has this issue.

Beryl AX with firmware 4.4.5 still has this issue.

  • IPv6: When you enable it, the router assigns a ULA prefix but it has an issue instead of being in the ULA range fd00::/8 it assigns an address like: dd15::/48 it shouldn’t start with d. Due to this bug, IPv6 its pretty useless unless you use a native address. (This was temporary solved editing /etc/init.d/gl_ipv6). This happens when using Mode NAT6. (Solution was here: Strange ULA prefix in stock Beryl)

This solution no longer applies with firmware 4.x

@alzhao You commented in Feb. 2022 that this bug was gonna be fixed with firmware 4.x but it still happens


It did a special treatment here: ‘dd15::/48’ will let your device prioritize IPV6 traffic.

If you want to use fd00:/8,you cloud use ‘Static IPv6’ mode: