IPV6 support on wireguard server?

I have IPV6 connectivity from my provider but the wireguard server will only give out IPV4 connectivity to the clients.

Are there any plans to support IPV6 on the wireguard server and clients on gl-inet products? I currently own Flint/Flint2/ Beryl AX


When you enable IPv6 on the router itself, WG will support it as well - but it causes some trouble because IPv6 is not completely implemented into the GL firmware.

IPV6 is enabled on the router and all my devices on the LAN are getting IPV6 connectivity. However, the wireguard clients are only IPV4… That’s why I’m asking. Maybe there’s a setting I’m missing?

Does your WG provider support IPv6?

I am the wireguard provider. I’m talking about the wireguard server that the Flint2 has, so remote WG clients connect to it. It explicitely says on the IPV6 page that this is not supported yet, so this question is to ask gl-inet what’s the timeline for them to support it.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 12.56.11

Ah, I misunderstood the question then. Thought you are talking about connecting to a WG provider like Mullvald. Sorry :confused:

It’s a good question… what is the current status/stability of IPv6 in GL OWRT these days?

I’d check WG Server’s device, firewall rules in LuCI re: IPv6 options if you don’t care to use UCI/edit confs. Then change the WG Server’s generated/issued Confs to the endpoint of whatever is your IPv6. Test until something breaks… but make a backup first: