Is Beryl AX a WiFi bottleneck?

I want to use my GL-MT3000 as a WiFi6 access point for my LAN to enable fast wireless access to my NAS, but throughput is very underwhelming.

I have an NVME SSD NAS, which is connected at 2.5G to a switch, which also connects to the Beryl at 2.5G. Ethernet devices connected to the switch have no problem maxing out their 1G connection to the NAS.

I have two WiFi devices that I was hoping could access the NAS at at least 1G speeds, maybe a little more, through the Beryl, but both only achieve ca. 500Mbps read and write (tested separately, not connected at the same time).

Beryl is set up to Wifi 6 on 5Ghz with 160Mhz bandwidth.

Device 1 is a Xiaomi 14 (Wifi7) connected at a claimed 2401Mbps.

Device 2 is a laptop with ac Wifi connected at a claimed 866Mbps.

I also tried disabling all services and add-ons on the Beryl, and also disconnected all other wireless clients. Still, I only achieve +/- 500Mbps read and write to my NAS with both devices.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? How can I achieve faster data transfer?


May I know would you have confirmed the transmit speed between the LAN port (even 1Gbps) of Beryl and the connected PC?
Or the NAS transmit speed of the switch port which directly connected PC? How many?

Can you post your WiFi configuration without SSID or password.
Are you using WPA, or WPA2 or WPA3?
Have you set 5ghz to AC/AX only.
How many other WiFi networks are in your locality.
What's the sync rate on the clients?

Hi Bruce, thanks for your reply. When I switch the WAN port to LAN and connect a PC there over 1G, I reach the full ~110Mb/s read and write. Same as when I connect the PC to the switch directly.

I tried Various settings. Would WPA-level affect throughput this much? Have not tried AC/AX only, but will giva that a try. These are my current settings: (*edit: I just tried it set to ac/ax only - made no difference)

There are only 3 other Wifis in my area.
Not sure what you mean by client device sync rates? The connection is showing up as 2401Mbps on the phone and 866 on the laptop. My test file has ca. 3GB

Probably there are many Wi-Fi AP around your area to occupied commonly channels, can try to download the APP 'WiFiMan' to check which one channel is much more idle, then choose channel manually in router wireless.

Hi Bruce, no, actually there are only 3 other Wifis in my reach and two of them are on 2.4Ghz.

That only mean the negotiate rate (max and theory) between the terminal wireless adapter and router, however the actual rate cannot be so high, affected by the surrounding radio frequency environment.

I mean the quantity of WiFi router/AP in your reach. As I have tested at my side, and no problem. My PC Ethernet is 1Gbps, topology is File server (Win) <--> Beryl AX <--> Phone(Android), transfer a file via http. Means that the WiFi speed almost near 1Gbps.

Probably there are interferences near around the router at your side.

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