Is GL-AX1800 (Flint) compatible with TIM FTTH (Italy)?

Could someone confirm if the WAN port of the modem GL-AX1800 (Flint) can be configured as it follows:

  • USERNAME: telephone number (I believe yes :wink: …)
  • PASSWORD: as specified by the operator (I believe yes :wink: …)
  • PROTOCOL: PPPoE Routed (as specified with RFC 2516: this is my concern …)
  • Encapsulation: VLAN Ethernet 802.1q (this is my concern ….)
  • NAT: active (I believe yes :wink: …)
  • VLAN: 835 (I believe yes :wink: …)
  • IGMP proxy: disabled (I believe yes :wink: …)
  • Routing: unicast traffic (this is my concern …)

If yes, are there any considerations to be taken into account?

The above ones are the parameters for TIM FTTH in Italy.


Seems this is a common PPPoE setup

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I have just tested and it works!