Is it possible that GL.iNet router can install Cisco any connect client?

I have a Cisco any connect account from my university and I want to use the Gl. Router to connect as a client to share the connection.


You can try installing “openconnect”, There is a package in advanced for it.


Hi, alzhao.

I installed openconnect in the Plug-in mode but It does not show the menu as you show in the figure 2.

To get the second menu you need to open Luci, its the “Advanced Menu” in the GL UI. More Settings → Advanced. I don’t know exactly where it is there, maybe it has it’s own submenu.

In addition, you can also use Cisco or Quad9 DNS, with DoH / DoTLS / IPSEC and whatnot, just install it via SSH, but don’t wonder if your performance gets slightly worse.

After alzhao first image, you can continue with
More Settings → Advanced → (input your cred) → Network → interfacea → (pick your interface) → edit → (general setup) → protocol