Is it possible to compile a factory firmware

The original firmware does not support my HuaWei LTE dongle so I compiled my own AR150 sysupgrade image and create a new network config file to support it. But it is very annoying that if any one pressed the reset button I should re-edit the network setting. So it it possible to let me compile a factory image then it can always support my dongle even others reset. A patch or any other technical rework ways are also welcome. AR150 is a wonderful tiny router and please help me to make it more amazing. Great thanks!

I think there is some misunderstanding about factory and sysupgrade firmware.

For these routers, there is no “factory” firmware. If you have your own sysupgrade firmware with all of your config compiled in, after you flash it to the router, the router’s firmware will be replaced. If you press the router button for 10 seconds and it will reset to your firmware only. The old firmware will never come back because it is erased.

I think your problem is that you didn’t replace the firmware with your firmware or your firmware don’t have your config compiled in. You should put these config in your [openwrt]/files/ when you compile your firmware.

Also please let me know what is the model of your Huawei LTE dongle. Are you compiled your firmware based on Trunk? How you compiled your firmware.

Hi Alzhao

Oh, thanks for your reminding. There is a checkbox to select whether to overwrite the original config file in the default bootstrap Luci web page. How is it in the GLi system upgrade page, sorry I forgot it.

Yes, I compiled on Trunk with kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether and modeswitch stuff, then set interface Wan to eth2. My dongle is Huawei E1313.


@mylzc, just to ask, your modem is working or not? As you have eth2, seems it should works now.

@alzhao it is working.