Is it possible to disable SMS?

I am getting a lot of spam SMS. Is it possible for malware to infect a router from SMS? Even if not, it is very annoying and I don’t even use it so is it possible to disable SMS completely or block incoming SMS?

Pls use this AT command


Thanks. I read about this now and I will try it but do you know if SMS is only via IMS on these modems? Will there still be regular SMS via 3G network?

Sorry I don’t know about this.

Just to update and for anyone else interested in the future, it seems that IMS was already disabled for me but I was still getting SMSs.

From what I understand, IMS is for SMS (and voice) over 4G, and even when IMS is disabled, SMSs are still enabled and active over 3G.

I haven’t found anything on the internet about the possibilty of completely disabling SMS so I’m not sure it’s possible.

Maybe you can disable the smsd on the router.

/etc/init.d/smstools3 stop
/etc/init.d/smstools3 disable