Is it possible to have different VPN servers on different SSIDs/networks?


Is it possible to have different VPN servers configured for different SSIDs / networks.
network 1 with a US server: my-wifi-vpn-us
network 2 with a UK server: my-wifi-vpn-uk

Is this possible in any of your products? E.g. GL-AX1800 / Flint - GL.iNet Or do I need to have two different routers with one network each in order to make this work? I could not find this information anywhere.

This feature isn’t supported on a single router yet.

We have discussed this type of feature, but it is complex to develop and we need to take it step by step. First need to support users to create new SSIDs and use different vlan (or different vlan for 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi?). Then our VPN policy needs to support multiple VPN clients running at the same time, and set different VLANs to use different VPN clients.


Thanks for the quick and informative answer! I suppose one needs two routers for now to enable this then, good to know.

Atleast, is it possible to have failover criteria to avoid completely down situation. Like i have multiple vpn profiles available in the router, if one fails to connect it should try the next available


Would love to see VLAN support (proper and complete) on gl devices…realize they won’t apply to the travel models but for the “home” class ones for sure. Would make the products in a whole new league. Thank you.

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