Is it possible to Tether an iPhone through Bluetooth instead of a cable?


I’m looking to purchase a GL.inet mini router in the hopes of tethering an iPhone through Bluetooth then sharing the internet through WiFi.

If possible please can someone answer a few questions:

  1. Is the above possible and if so what mini router is best for this task?
  2. If the mini router doesn’t come with Bluetooth what dongles are comparable?
  3. How would I go about configuring the device to achieve the above task?

Many thanks for your help

I don’t know an iPhone can be tethered via Bluetooth. This is not possible in the current router as there is no Bluetooth supported.

iPhone can be tethered via WiFi or usb cable.

I can Bluetooth tether my iPhone to my laptop, so I know it’s capable of it.

I realise that the router doesn’t come with Bluetooth but though it might be possible via a Bluetooth dongle?