Is it safe to allow LuCI GUI to overwrite the interface names in 4.1.0? (AXT1800 Slate AX)

First off, I love, Love, LOVE my GL-AXT1800! It is FAST, reliable, and handles my VPN needs on the road with aplomb.

I have one concerning issue, though:
After updating to firmware 4.1.0 r5, I now get a warning message when I navigate in the LuCI GUI to Network → Interfaces.
It tells me that the interfaces are not named conventionally, and that it wants to OVER-WRITE the ifnames on the system.
(See picture)

I am concerned that, if I allow the re-naming, the GL.inet GUI (default web interface) won’t function correctly, or … worse yet … that it may BREAK the system entirely.
I can’t tell —from the short warning message— if the renaming/restarting of the network interfaces will cause second- or third-order effects.

Can you provide advice?

Many thanks in advance!

Mike R.

Maybe just allow and check.

I think you should be ok.

I did some checking it only changes the @lan and other aliases to dsa configuration via diffutils.

So far it works good for me, did not noticed a down side for this yet.


Im sorry if I tagged someone accidentally.

@alzhao Okay. Thanks!
My concern was that if —somehow— it ‘broke’ the default web GUI, then my only “get well” option would be a full RESET of the firmware.
…which, as you know, would result in quite a bit of time getting the router re-setup how I like it.
(I am presuming that the changed ifnames would cause issues with trying to reinstantiate the old backup of the config file…)

Am I understanding the consiequences of “it didn’t work out well” correctly?

Thanks again, sir!

Mike R.

@xize11 thank you for the quick reply!

So… Did you see the same warning message, then click the “Continue” button, and EVERYTHING worked out okay?

If so, that would be a great datum point to indicate that the ifname-renaming is well-sorted.

Thank you for your insight!

Mike R.

It should not break the firmware or UI completely.

But better to back up your config first.

@alzhao Yes, sir! Absolutely!!
It’s the first thing I did after updating the firmware.

I will give it a try.

Will report back with thte outcome.


Yup same warning.

Usually luci does this only if you upgrade from a older firmware with swconfig to dsa switch, however in this case its only the aliases from what I checked what is changed.

So far it works fine also with DSA vlan switching on flint.:+1:

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@xize11 Ohhh…that’s great to hear!

I feel more confident going forward with it.

I appreciate your mentorship and advice!


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Well…for anyone else who sees that warning and grits their teeth…

(I am ashamed to admit that I failed to make/place a backup copy of the ifnames before the conversion … so I can’t really tell what changed at all.)

Nonetheless, the router is still working PERFECTLY after the re-naming.


Thanks to @alzhao and @xize11 for their speedy replies and kind advice! Much appreciated, friends!!


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