Is it safe to connect my WAN port through a public LAN?

Hey guys, looking for a bit of advice on general internet etiquette.

I’m travelling a lot, and often come across sketchy wifi in either hotels or airbnbs, so I bought the Slate ATX router to bring some personal security with me. However, at my current airbnb, it seems like the ISP has limited their output to only their proprietary router.

I was wondering if there’s a safe way to connect? Should I set my Slate to repeater mode, or could I simply just connect a cable from their LAN port to my WAN port? (I mean, I CAN, but is it safe?)

Help and tips appreciated!

I use a cable from the isp’s router LAN port to the Slate WAN port all the time. Quick, easy, fast, and safe. :blush:

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I am doing that now as well! But since the router I am connected to is an airbnb-router (and assumedly compromised!), I was wondering my WAN connection is unsafe by association.

It is not more safe or unsafe as connecting to any other port, that is not under your control.

If you connect your Slate to the modem of your appartment, you need to trust the provider is honest, to let you secure connect to the endpoint.
I there is no modem in reach, the same with the LAN of the house/appartment router.

In fact it is very unlikely, that someone is able to compromise the VPN tunnel from your Slate to your Wireguard/OpenVPN endpoint, without any suspicious behaviour (certificate waring).

I connect my Slate Plus to every RJ45 port I get. At at the moment the VPN indicator turns from yellow to green, I know everything else is going though my secure server at home…
Except from geolocation, because I don’t want to encapsulate my mobile. Too much work with less outcome for me.

Short: Everything at LAN/WLAN should be safe from the WAN side, in Router Mode.