Is mesh supported on latest GL-AX1800 firmware?

From what i gathered on reddit, the latest firmware for GL-AX1800 is based on openwrt 21.

Since OpenWRT 19, there is support to create a mesh network between routers.

I’m thinking of buying 3-4 of the GL-AX1800 to create a mesh network at home, due to being wifi 6, allowing many devices(unlike asus routers) and supporting a fast wireguard speed.
But extenders are old technology that will slow things down at home, so i’d prefer a mesh network.

Let me know! thanks.

Do those plugins/addons work for glinet’s own firmwares as well yeah?

No needs to be setup in LuCi or SSH Terminal. Sorry :disappointed_relieved:
I have only played with it using what I learned from OneMarcFifty Utube video. It did not produce seemless transitions from access points (2 Flints and a Slate AX and to complicate my life further were on 3.216, 4.0.2 and 4.2.0 respectively.) You would have a video playing and start walking to the other accesspoint, it would switch stop video buffer then start. I’m sure things needed to be optimized but needed them 2 days later for a audit.