Is my GL-AR150 is original?

Sorry for stupid questions.
My GL-AR150 is original? How to check?
I bought it in Aliexpress and now playing with it.
In specification,- CPU: Atheros 9331. In “Kernel Log” of my GL-AR150, I see, that CPU is Atheros AR9330 rev 1. Is it normal?
The next. Where can I find information about volume of Flash memory?
In “App Repo” I see: “Flash usage 8.53M free (Total: 9.2M)”.
As I know, Flash memory must be 16M.
Why Flash memory “Total” only 9,2M? Is it normal?

It should be original.

AR9330 rev 1 is normal.

About flash, the total is 16M and the firmware itself occupied more than 7M, so you have 9.2M left.

Mine says “9.2M” as well. I’ve attached a screenshot of the Router Info page showing this. This information is useless. If “16M-9.2M” is indeed occupied by the firmware, it should specify that on that page. What’s the point of giving half (false) information? Information is intended for those who don’t know it…

Image is available at:

AR-150 NOR Flash size

You can compile your own “lean” version of OpenWRT to leave you with more flash rom space.

With a little tweaking you can get it down to the bare essentials anywhere between 3 - 4Mb leaving plenty of room to play with.

We decided to display it as 16MB directly in our new firmwares, so that people will not ask why it is not 16MB …

@alzhao that’s fine. but your systems need to show the information better. Why can’t you show 3 things in there:

space occupied by firmware, space occupied by user data, free space. In this way, there’s absolutely no confusion.

Hi, you are correct. Will bear this in mind.