Is opal reliable on powerbank? price is really low


i am from hk but wanna buy opal online as its cheaper elsewhere.

but i found opal come with an ac adaptor,
which is not what i expected.

its a travel router i expect no ac adaptor is included.

i asked the cs online, he/she claims even with
slate/beryl, using powerbank may have disconnection, so using ac adaptor is recommended.

i only want to use opal thru powerbank,
is the cs telling truth or is he/she magnified the instability with powerbank? thx

btw, i know it use china chip which makes it may not be in official openwrt. may i ask when is the eol of opal? thx

Providing AC power adapter does not mean it does not work with battery.

Just make sure your battery can output 5V2A stablely.