Is the B-1300 Convexa a "safe" router?


I have a question regarding the security of this router. As of now, if I’m not mistaken, this router still uses the deprecated OpenWRT 15.05 under the hood, because the QSDK 11 dependecy (not supported by the OpenWRT project, as the EOL has passed for this old version).

Nowadays, we know that OpenWRT 15.05 doesn’t receive more patches from the OpenWRT project, and there are some vulnerabilities out there, so, does it means that this router is now working with a firmware with unpatched “holes” and with risk of have future exploits discovered but not secured?

Also, will it be future updates, to try and bring a current-release OpwnWRT version? Maybe the new firmware 4.x of GL-Inet that some routers (Slate AX, Flint…) now have?

Thank you all :wink:

I’m pretty sure firmware V4 will be brought to devices capable of running it.

If this is not the case for the GL-B1300, you can flash OpenWRT on your own: OpenWrt Firmware Selector