Is there a way to access Router behind double NAT from GoodCloud?

I live in a country where the internet is accessed through a single company and this gives me access to the internet through their servers and those have the public IP, I am only on a large intranet.
So Double NAT.
Is there any chance of reaching my router from outside the country. I have tried Goodcloud but it only goes one way, Router to GoodCloud not the other way around.
Thank you!

You could try using ZeroTier - it can establish VPN connections even on devices that have CG-NAT in front of their local network, works over IPv6, has barely any overhead, has support on OpenWRT, Android, iOS and desktop, and is completely free. Setup is mostly painless (register on, create network, add devices, approve them, and pretty much done), and as long as you don’t require advanced routing (e.g. accessing your LAN via ZeroTier through a single node located on the LAN), it should do everything you need.

Thank you fonix232 ! I will try right now!

Hello ! Not working because to reach ZeroTier I have to make thru VPN, no way to connect to ZeroTier directly from my country. And they say that from Zerotier also:
" No more than one layer of NAT should be present between ZeroTier endpoints and the Internet. Multiple layers of NAT introduce connection instability due to chaotic interactions between states and behaviors at different levels. No Double NAT.

Thank you anyway, fonix232!

Well, I’ve been behind CG-NAT for the past year or so, and haven’t had any issues with ZeroTier. I’d recommend you try to use it still, and use the ZeroTier assigned IP address (you can find it on, under your own network) to access your router.

However the official GL.inet repos have a quite old version of ZeroTier for some reason (1.2.x instead of the latest 1.4.6), which might cause issues.

Which country are you in where ZeroTier is blocked?

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Thanks for your help. I’m quite a newbie to openwrt and internet stuff. I’m going to continue investigating with ZeroTier, it may not have done things well. My country is xxx
Thank you!

OK, I have to go thru VPN to the ZT page to config things but ZT network keeps working without VPN, after shut off VPN. Good! Thank you! Now I have to see if Goodcloud reach the ZT network.

GoodCloud won’t have access to it, no. The ZT network is a completely separate VPN (forget the big VPN providers’ idea of VPN, a.k.a. that you enable it and bam it appears you’re in a different country, this is literally the core implementation of VPN, meaning you can connect devices that are not on one network, and make it appear as if it was one network).

However with ZeroTier, you can connect directly to your computer instead of going through the cloud, as if you were sitting right next to it.

Yes. Thank you for your help, fonix232! I made a ZeroTier network and add devices to it from different countries so all are in the same network and they can see me, even if i’m behind double NAT, it doesn’t matter… Only the ZeroTier web page (login, settings, etc) can be reached thru a VPN from my country, but the network itself works fine!
Thank you!

I know this thread is old, but is ZeroTier still the only way to access a network if I’m under CG-NAT?

Any way a GL.iNet router could implement a ‘keepalive’ or hole punch handshake, to be able to use it in this scenario?

It’s supported now, you could achieve it by rtty in Goodcloud.

Or you can try