Is there a way to switch on and off Captive portal through SSH? 3.203b4 E750


I have been playing around with the Captive portal and guest wifi. I only want it to run when I flip the switch, however, that means logging into the router and then finding the portal page and switching it off. I would rather do it with a button press from my iPhone with Siri Shortcuts and SSH. So far I’ve been successful with turning guest wifi on and off through ssh.

Any ideas?

And an extra question. I’d like the option to turn off the E750 through SSH as well. Is this possible with Halt command? Or is that unsafe?

Thank you.

  • Sorry for duplicate post, accidentally deleted previous topic.

Figured it out I think. I’m fine with the following commands. Might not be the right commands, but seems to work.

uci -q set wireless.guest5g.disabled=0
uci -q set nodogsplash.nodogsplash[0].enabled=1
uci commit wireless
uci commit nodogsplash
wifi reload
/etc/init.d/nodogsplash reload

Of course, I’m going to make that into one command or a script, but if anyone else wanted to do what I was doing, there you go. Easy to set up in Siri Shortcuts, just add Run script over SSH, and then add the commands.

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