Is there already a schedule on New Lunar Year, for WiFi 6 successor of AR750 and GL-MiFi?

If I remember right, I have seen Wifi 6 router with 4 antenns from a hand of chinese vendor like p.e Huawei AX3 too. And from one swiss vendor are router with 2 mpci-e and on msata slot vailable. mpcie cards are availabe as Wifi 6 and on the actual standarf which is WiFi 6E , and in one or two smaler and much smaler formfactor too…

If you’re fine with a big router, I’d recommend looking into the Belkin RT3200 (or Linksys E8450, they’re the same model). WiFi 6, good speeds, and relatively cheap (I snagged two for my home network for £79 apiece). OpenWrt support in trunk (so only SNAPSHOT builds for now), and obviously no GL interface, so no easy configuration, but if you like tinkering with OpenWrt, it’s a pretty stable unit.

Interesting, do you know any reason that AX3200 is cheaper than AX1800?


It usually isn’t! The official price is £129, but it’s often discounted to £79, and at that price, that router is a steal. It’s not as strong signal-wise as e.g. my Synology RT2600ac (I actually had to relegate the Syno to a dumb switch role as its WiFi was so strong, my laptop kept using it even across the apartment, instead of the AP right next to it), but its throughput is pretty solid, the hardware works well, and apart from the usual SNAPSHOT-related issues (e.g. changes breaking configuration on update), it’s flawless as-is.