Is there already a schedule on New Lunar Year, for WiFi 6 successor of AR750 and GL-MiFi?

Is there, already a schedule for a WiFi 6 compatible device on New Lunar Year?

  • GL-AR750 or GL-AR750S, preferably a GL-AR750 housing without external antennas, in black and otherwise with GL-AR750S electronics
  • GL-MiFi

You’re welcome too:

  • same size or smaller than before
  • as travel router, preferably without external antenna or can removed, since not needed with travel routers and smaller

You can apply for this with:

  • lower energy consumption, footprint of WiFi 6
  • Update to current security standard
  • black cases looking smaler

WiFi 6 compatble:
*** Silicone Chips:** Wi-Fi 6 - Wikipedia
*** OpenWRT:** [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenWrt 19.07.0 - First Stable Release - 6 January 2020

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Yes there is a plan. But I have no more info.

Size matters.


That sounds great. I would like to replace, a handful of routers with gl-inet models.

Let’s boost sales.

Intel AX200 and AX201 Chipset now suportet on some Linux Kernel and alternate available as Kernel Driver:

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Looking forward for a WIFI-6 capable GL-Mifi! Just keep it the GL-MIFI as much as possible!


Actual OS support of WiFi6:

  • Windows 10, Linux Kernel 5.1 and now starting Kernel backports, Androide 10 and Openwrt 19.07 RC2. I dont know about Apple OS.

Actual WiFi card support of WiFi6:

WiFi6 shipsets available for mini devices:


Working on WiFi 6 router but cannot make it small as AR750S though

Intel AX200 WiFi 6 card are available in two form factors:

  • good known traditional M.2 2230 size 22mm*30mm
  • for new development (p.e. for gl travel router) M.2 1216 size 12mm*16mm !!!

See follow data sheet:

GL doesn’t use intel chips. Find a wifi 6 by Qualcomm :slight_smile:

From Qualcomm, i would prefer the follow WiFi6 chipset for travel router with two internal antennas:


  • It can be DDR 4 have a better error correction and lower power consum than DDR3.

Or buy a OEM router :

  • print you label on it
  • use gl firmware
  • sell it

Does there any news about this ?

wifi6 products are still under development. It is not a travel router, btw.

Wifi6 non travel router still available by some vendors, start on 40€ as street price.
I remember statements like “gl are a vendor of travel router” or like this.
Pls be one of the 1st vendors of travel router which offer wifi6 travel router. Its time to replace the old unsecure one.

The share holder and customer will like it.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I want to make such a product more than anybody.

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They are any news on this on beginning of 2021 ?


Hi there,
is there any new update regarding a router with wifi 6? For some of us, it is ok to have a device only with wifi 6 (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) instead of waiting for 6E extension with 6Ghz band.

Not yet update. Still working now.

Pls wait for official news.

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Some customer like to replace non Wifi 6 devices.

WiFi 6E cards available for 10 to 20 € by Intel (can be AX210) and can be by other vendor to. Driver vor Linux are available on Intel website. Cards should be by mechanical and electrical values possible used as HMW cards on HMW slot (mini pci-e slot) of GL devices or by 2€ what ever to hmw adapter to gl hmw slots.

I dont know about support on this time by open wrt an by gl enhancement of open wrt.

A it can be, gl have to fix the DNS leak on actual 3.2 beta 6 at first…

We will see…

Intel AX210 WiFi 6E card, 11 to 17 USD:

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Currently there only seems to be the Netgear Nighthawk M5 on the market which is setting an eye-watering price point for 5G mobile data + WiFi 6. LTE speeds are fine for most away-from-home uses, so a WiFi 6 local network connected to 4G LTE (i.e., upgraded WiFi on a Pulie) would be a great counterpoint.