Is there any reason

Hi there :wave:

I am looking to purchase a GL-AX1800 (flint).

I was checking if there were any better versions with higher VPN speeds, (I have a 1GB connection), and I came across the same model on FlashRouters .

They sell the same product, but double the price.

As far as I can tell, the only difference is the software. Is their software worth an extra 100 dollars?

Looking forward to your responses. I’m very new to OpenWRT routers, so I thought I’d better ask before I make some stupid decisions😄

Are you sure they even have different software on it?

I couldn’t see anything that indicated it wasn’t the same customised OpenWRT that GL-iNet use, and the pictures they use are the GL-iNet software.

Tbh I don’t know😄

In the features it says “Custom Firmware Upgrade On-Demand”, but idk. Indeed doesn’t look like anything to impressive🤷‍♂️

Will be going with GL.iNet, thanks for your response :slight_smile:

Just looking at the site, first off, their staff as no software developers, just sales and management. So i don’t think they make their own firmware in the first place.

I looked at all the guides, and it just shows stock Asus Merlin (which is a 3rd party firmware for Asus routers), DDWRT for Linksys routers and so on.

Also, i think the extra price is for their “included 3 months email/chat support free with promo”. Nothing is free, they are including that cost in the price :roll_eyes: .