Is there any security measures against deauth?


Can I protect myself from something like this:

Using WPA3 does the job.

I am using a cable in environments deauth could be an issue.
To protect against evil maid, which is one of the results of a deauth, or something like this, you also need to protect the clients.

If the deauth is just to nag the owner of the WLAN, the next step is jamming. So all effort for nothing.

there is a option called enable 802.11W (managed frame protection) inside luci inside the wireless settings.

However keep in mind that some wireless drivers in routers don't support it.

Also the clients need to support it, so i'd recommend to set it to optional or only if you are sure to required :+1:

If the option is not there it can basically mean you don't have the full wpad package or you use the firmware based on a SDK such as MTK sdk or QSDK.

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