Is This Normal for Wireguard?


So I recently purchased a Flint and SlateAX to keep my home IP while I’m abroad.

So I have absolutely no knowledge about networking, but tried my best to set everything up and think everything is working fine, except a couple of strange things:

  • When I first connected my SlateAX to my home network/Flint, it wouldn’t let me connect to the internet (yes, I know that you shouldn’t be able to connect to the internet using your own home network connecting a client to wireguard server) this was before updating to firmware 4.5.

But the strange thing is now after updating my flint and SlateAX to version 4.5, I can now connect to the wireguard server using both devices within my home network. I just wanted to know if everything is okay and nothing was broken during the config or firmware update. I need to make sure my true location won’t be leaked while traveling abroad. I’ve tested my Slate AX at my friends house and it shows my IP when connected to his network which is great, but is it normal that my travel router can now connect to my home network while I’m at home when that wasn’t possible before? I just want to make sure everything is okay before I take my flight. Don’t want my location leaking because of a strange bug or something I might’ve done wrong during the initial setup.

Btw, I connect my travel router by turning off WiFi and strictly using the LAN port when using my laptop. Need to make sure my laptop isn’t giving off any wireless signals.

I appreciate any support!

You can’t test VPN from inside the network in which you want to connect by VPN.
Maybe this explains the issue you had before at home?

That’s why I think it’s odd because now I can test it within my own network

I am not sure if 4.5 allows you to ocnnect to your vpn server on the lan of the vpn router.

But to check if everything is OK, pls use these tools.

The website should only display your vpn server IP address and dns servers around.

It should not display your real location and any dns server near your real location.