Is this possible to do? Carrier grade NAT, WireGuard server with router

I’m wanting to setup a Wireguard server on my home network with a GL-iNet router. I have not purchased a router yet. For internet at home I’m using an LTE home internet service which is behind a carrier grade NAT and uses IPv6 for WAN IPs (every device gets a WAN IP, and a LAN IPv4 IP).

I’m wanting to basically purchase 2 GL-iNet routers and use one as a server, and one as a client. My goal is to remote connect to my home network while I’m traveling and remote desktop to a home network computer in order to do my work tasks securely while I’m not home.

I’m wondering how feasible this would be, and which GL-iNet routers would accomplish this. Keep in mind I’m not intending to use the routers as an LTE modem because my LTE service is sim and IMEI locked. I’m merely wanting to add the GL.iNet router to my home network for the Wireguard tunnel.

I’m also expecting that I would probably have to use a dynamic DNS on the GL-iNet unit since I don’t have a static IPv6 address and requesting one from the ISP I don’t think is possible.

it really depends if you home can be used as Wireguard server.

Seems you have both IPV4 and IPV6 but you have to test and find out. Pls check if you IPV4 can be used as server first. Not very good at ipv6 server.

I only have IPv4 ‘LAN’ IPs, my WAN is strictly IPv6 and no way to get an IPv4 address as far as I know.