Is UPnP unavailable on AR750 V3.027?

From what I could find on the subject, this model has it disabled if I’m understanding correctly. I was wondering if it’s possible to enable it and if so, then how? I can’t figure it out. With it disabled I have connectivity issues with online gaming. I always either have “Teredo is unable to qualify” or a strict/moderate NAT. As seen in the screenshot below, the best I can get no matter how many troubleshooting steps I try is a moderate NAT with the servers still blocked.

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I think UPnP is not available from default firmware because is not safe to have it running, everyone can open ports in your router…but you can install it in WebUI/Applications/ Plug-ins and search upnp… then install “luci-app-upnp” and also “miniupnp” if not installed by itself.
Then in Luci in Services page…click UPnP and look if checked and check if not:
Start UPnP and NAT-PMP service
Enable UPnP functionality
Enable NAT-PMP functionality
Enable secure mode.
Also in Luci go to System page and click Startup, wait, scroll down all running processes and look for “miniupnpd” and click Enabled if Disabled.
Reboot and look again in Services/UPnP and Startup/miniupnd, sometimes you have to do again another time to keep settings. Opened UPnP ports will show down page in Luci/Overview.

Also you may try to Forward ports in WebUI/Firewall to open ports for your Xbox.



Thank you! I will do this.