Isolate guest network

Hi guys,

Just got my GL,inet (MT-1300) device today and got couple of questions:

  1. I wanted to use the Gl.inet to create Guest Network.The unit will receive internet connection from work’s main network via ethernet cable.

  2. With ease of user interface of GL,inet, I have already created a guest wifi. I have also installed luci on it.

  3. How do I ensure the following: guest cannot see work’s main network printers, network drive or even access the work’s main router page default gateway (

I wanted to ensure maximum security on the guest network before allowing the public to use it and open-up for any recommendation.

Thank in advance.


Make the guest network a different IP segment than 192.168.1.x, for example 172.x (16-31) .x.x or 10.x.x.x

Go to More Settings> LAN IP> Guest IP> Change IP

You can also isolate clients in More settings> Advanced. You are in Luci. Log in. Go to Network> Wireless> EDIT under “Your name” Guest network> Advanced settings (but the one below) and Check Isolate clients, so that each client cannot see another on the same network.
I hope this is okay.

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Hey David thanks for this,

How can you prevent guest network from access the gl.inet admin page ( though?

I dont see guest isolation (Guest network> Advanced settings (but the one below) and Check Isolate clients,) option either.

appreciated your reply

You cannot access gl.inet admin page from guest network.
My main network is 192.168.10.x and guest is 172.30.0.x, not possible for me from 172.30.0.x to access gl.inet admin page on guest network.

OK. Advanced Settings in Luci.
Go to in your browser
http://YOUR ROUTER IP/cgi-bin/luci/
Log in with your regular user/pass like in gl.inet admin page.
Select Network on top and click Wireless.
Then click EDIT in you guest network and click on the advanced settings the one below and check Isolate clients. Save and then Save and Apply again down the page.
Connect to your Guest network and try if you can access gl.inet admin page.

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The guest network cannot see gl.inet router’s web, but you cannot prevent it from accessing your main router’s in the default settings.

You may be able to do it if you use iptable rules. But I am not good at this.

You may just set up vpn and route all of your guest access to the vpn.

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I cant see that options, am i missing something?

You cannot use Luci to configure wifi of MT1300.

Sorry! I didn’t know that. I just look at my AR750S or AR750. They are Qualcomm not MediaTek like yours.