Issue After Resetting SSID

I just configured my AX3000 router with VPN, etc. and then decided to change the 5GHz SSID. Once I changed that, my login to access the page no longer works. I can’t connect to the new SSID with the password that has been working before.

I just keep getting the login error message below when trying to connect to the access point.
Seems like my only option is to reset back to factory and configure the router all over again. I am on a MacBook Pro Sonoma 14.2.1. The router firmware is current.

Any ideas why a SSID change would cause this?

“The Wi-Fi network requires a WPA2 password.
You can also access this Wi-Fi network by sharing the
password from a nearby iPhone, iPad, or Mac which has
connected to this network and has you in their contacts.”

Try to delete the network from your Macbook and add it up again.
WPA3 sometimes don’t like SSID changes because some secrets will differ. Adding the whole network entirely new is mostly the way to go.