Issue with Beryl AX/GL-MT3000 Router Connectivity to WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi


I recently purchased two Beryl AX(GL-MT3000) routers and I am facing connectivity issues while trying to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi network. When scanning for available Wi-Fi hotspots, the network does not appear on the WIFI list. However, my laptop is able to detect and connect to the same network without any problems.

Could you please provide me with guidance on any necessary steps or configurations I need to enable on the GL-MT3000 router to ensure proper connectivity to the WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi network?

Thank you!

Sorry, MT3000/X3000/XE3000/MT300N-V2 does not support connection to WPA2-Enterprise Wi-Fi.

Hi Zhang,

Thanks for the reply.

I’d like to know which products are compatible with WPA2-Enterprise and how I can determine if a particular product supports this feature.


Except for the products I mentioned above, all other products are supported.

We’ll come up with a list after this

Hi Zhang,

One last question, I also own a GL-MT1300 and GL-MT1300 is not in the list and I assume that GL-MT1300 support WPA2-Enterprise?


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