Issue with latest TOR FW for MT300N-v2

Dear GL.iNet team,

first of all thanks a lot for the great concept of an open, accessible, cheap and well documented product!

I have not been able to resolve an issue while trying to flash the openwrt-mt300n-v2-tor-3.105 onto my new MT300N-v2. After sucessfully flashing it shows me the normal interface for the non-Tor firmware and nothing Tor-specific.

When flashing to lede-mt300n-v2-tor-2.264 I can access the Domino- an luci-interface with the Tor symbol but can not get the MT300N-v2 to connect to another wifi or via LAN. Upgrading from there does not work, after reboot FW ist still 2.264.

I had to use Uboot several times in the process of flashing, tried both Tor-FW-versions this way.
As I am unexperienced with, I was also not able to build a new Tor-firmware from your instructions.

I use MacOS mainly, Chrome does a better job for this than firefox btw.

I wondered if the 3.105 FW just does not install properly and the former FW remains?

Can you help me with this, please?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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Pls check there is Tor firmware for 3.105 as well.

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