Issue with Opal being "overloaded" with traffic?

I don’t know if this is a router issue or something specific to my application (or both). I have a travel router, GL.iNet GL-SFT1200 (Opal), that I just started to use on my robot and on the robot, only a single PC connects to it. The router is configured to use one of its radios to connect to my home’s network for internet access. The other radios let me connect to the network from my development machine so I can SSH directly to the robot PC (i.e., it’s on the same LAN). The problem I have is that even if I do not use the WiFi and connect my development machine via Ethernet to the second port on the router, whenever I startup certain robot tools (NAV2 and RVIZ2, but that’s probably meaningless to people here) and do some settings within the tools, something happens to the router and none of my SSH sessions update anymore and the PC loses access to the Internet, though I can oddly enough transmit command via SSH from my development server TO the PC on the robot… just can’t receive anything back. So something is blocking outbound traffic… but why? The PC isn’t overloaded because I still see other functions working (I have a small monitor attached to the PC and it’s running other tasks without issue). The interesting part is when I put in an old Linksys router in that runs an ancient dd-wrt firmware, I do not seem to have this problem… just with this new router. I’m a bit baffled by this and not sure where to start. Any idea would be helpful.

It sounds like the connection between the robot PC and the router is broken.
You can open aother SSH sessions to access Opal and use logread to view what is happen when you startup the robot tools.

Do both routers use the same Wi-Fi bandwidth and channel? Perhaps you can fix the problem by modifying the Wi-Fi settigns of your Opal.

Sorry, I did more testing last night and the Opal got power cycled and afterwards it behaved the same as the old linksys and after further testing last night, even the old linksys lost ability to transmit out to the Internet, just never messed up the SSH sessions. I never lost the SSH session as I could still send data to the robot, just not receive it. I suspect its some kind of network flood that is jamming things up and its not specifically an Opal issue.