Issue with OpenVPN Client - Mango Mini Router


I am wondering if someone can help?

I have tried several configuration files on the OpenVPN client and it is not connecting (showing orange light instead of green). I have followed all instructions from the guidance provided on the GL.iNet user manual for the Mango Mini Router, but have had no luck at all.

Please can someone help?

Thank you in advance!


You need to give details, e.g. which vpn service and what is the config details. Also what is the log displayed on the openvpn connection page.

Hi Alzhao,

It’s Proton VPN service, and the configuration file example is

The log is not displaying anything see the screenshot attached. There is no display log, it connects and the button changes to ‘Abort’, the light turns orange and that’s all.


Proton vpn should be pretty easy. What is your firmware version? If not 3.215 can you upgrade?

The firmware is 2.20.0.

How do I update it to 3.215?

I have a Dell Laptop System Model XPS 13 9360.


Go to GL.iNet download center and download 3.215

Upgrade in your current firmware. Do not keep setings.

I’ve downloaded 3.215 and updated the firmware, VPN is still not working, same issue as before just showing orange light.

Please ssh to the rotuer and use command “logread” to get the log when this happens. Thanks.

Hi Alzhao,

I am not sure how to do that, can you provide some instructions and screenshots?

Thank you

I have Microsoft teams only does that work?