Issue with puli wireguard and pihole

My configuration is as follows:

Home network with wireguard server configured in the router and a pi running pihole

Glinet puli configured in lte with wireguard client to the home router using pihole as dns.
I cannot reach the internal domain names in the network ig server.home (A record in pihole).
I can reach via IPs.
If i run nslookup server.home no answer unless i specify pihole ip to use.

I also tried to give dhcp option 6, to the clients, no luck

Do you have any idea what dns is my puli using?

Change wireguard client conf to use pihole IP as DNS server:
Please refer to:

This is done already.
The issue is that clients connected to glinet are not using it, and the glinet is not using it as well.

Please check the puli dns by command:

cat /tmp/resolv.conf.wg

“Allow Remote Access LAN” should be turned on at wireguard server side.
Is the pihole DNS server the same subnet with wireguard server’s LAN or WAN?