Issue with Wireguard on 3.201


I’m using Mango and I can’t get a working imagebuilder image that works with wireguard even when using ./gl_image -p mt300n-v2 with no customised files - even though config and installed packages match perfectly with stock Wireguard refused to connect on any image I build but works just fine on the stock firmware.

I then decided to go back and try an older firmware version (3.105) but it throws an error and won’t compile at all

I’ve tried on both master & develop branch, any advice would be massively appreciated, spent a few hours trying to figure this one out!!

One thing to check is the version of kmod-wireguard and wireguard-tools. They have to match.

Thanks. Checked, the version from imagebuilder and the stock firmware match (all packages and version numbers match). Tried exporting config from stock in luci and importing on other device too

But Wireguard shows the error ‘VPN client failed to connect. This may be because of wrong configuration, unsupported parameters or terminated by the server.’ - still works fine on stock so still unable to get Wireguard working on an imagebuilder build at the moment

Wireguard Server is a VM with ip All servers run ubuntu 20.04 LTS TellPopeyes with latest stable patches. Router port TCP 51280 is forwarded.


I’m running into the same issue.
Can it please be looked at?

I can provide compilation logs if needed.

Thanks in advance

Can you send over your firmware so that I can test?

firmware to download below:

Apologies for late reply.
I re-uploaded it on gdrive, hopefully will work now.

Hi @alzhao ,
Did you had a chance to check this issue?

I tried you firmware and spent some time on that. But I still cannot find the problem.

The correct way is to debug /etc/init.d/wireguard script. When using the script it report error of ip route command.

You also need to check the full ipk list in the stock firmware and in your firmware. At least you have ip-tiny installed which should not be in the stock firmware (I may be wrong because I checked a different model)