Issues installing 'wget' on 6416

6416 connected to Internet. From Advanced screen, I try to install package ‘wget’. Process ends in error as follows:

Package wget (1.15-1) installed in root is up to date.
Configuring wget.

Collected errors:
* pkg_run_script: package "wget" postinst script returned status 255.
* opkg_configure: wget.postinst returned 255.

What is the issue, please?

pls try to check if wget is the version you have installed.

You can check in the UI or just ssh to your router:

wget -h

Thanks alzhao. This has mostly been resolved except for questions re the webgui. If you are interested, you can read the thread at OpenWRT: OpenWrt Forum Archive

hi, the webgui, both GL and Luci, just execute opkg update and opkg install.
255 seems a problem of replacing links after install. I believe the real wget is installed.

wget -h
may display busybox

/usr/bin/wget -h

I do met this problem before.

the correct one is wget-ssl

Yes. The issue with the Luci interface throwing exception 255 is not resolved. Opinions at OpenWRT forum seem to be that the Luci in the standard OpenWRT distribution does not throw exception, but that is not confirmed. It is confirmed that something is not working properly, but cause is not determined. I will try to do some testing, and report results here: