Issues with firmware V3.203 on B1300 and S1300

Dear community, want to describe my issues with latest firmware V3.203.

I have a quite big wifi network, it is composed from S1300 Main router and 4 pcs B1300 as Mesh satellites. I have updated all devices to V3.203 today, because i couldn’t pair S1300 on V3.203 with B1300 on lower versions. Using the system for half a day i have spotted following issues:

  1. Routers randomly restarts. It happens like 1 time in 2-3 hours. I will monitor this restarts and will try to find out why they happen.

  2. Mesh is not working as it was working before:
    My 4th B1300 Satellite is far from Main S1300 router. It doesn’t have direct wifi connection with Main S1300. My other 3 pieces B1300 have direct wifi connection to Main S1300 router. On previous V3.022 firmware 4th B1300 satellite was using wifi connection from 3rd B1300 satellite and was working fine, without direct connection to Main S1300 router. On this new firmware, it doesn’t work like this, it doesn’t want to use connection from 3rd B1300, but instead it needs to be placed in range of main S1300 wifi to work. It is not possible to use it this way, in my setup.

Is it possible to solve 2nd problem on V3.203, maybe in settings to change something?

In case i need to downgrade my firmware to fix the problem:
If i downgrade to V3.105 will my mesh work as before or i need to downgrade to V3.022?

Downgraded to V3.105 , everything is working fine!

I’m very sorry.We’re optimizing the testing for this problem.

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