Issues with GL-AR750 and Xfinity/Comcast secured hotspot 'wrong key'

I am trying to connect my GL-AR750 to the xfinity hotspot. When connecting to this SSID on my PC, it asks you for a username and password, that works fine. There is no portal page or anything like that in this case. I would like to use this hotspot as my main internet using the AR750. However, when I enter the same username and password in the admin panel, it gives me an error saying ‘wrong key’. I’m entering the information correctly but it won’t let me add the account. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Just want to check what is your firmware version.

Also pls post a screenshot.

If this error is caused by password length, then pls try to upgrade firmware to 3.022.

It fixed password length bug for EAP.