Issues with gl.inet mt300n-v2 connecting to my iPhone's hotspot

I’m trying to get my router to connect to my iPhone’s hotspot but it doesn’t connect automatically when the router boots up and it takes over 5 minutes of clicking connect on my saved networks and toggling the switch with on and off on my phone for it finally see it and connect. also sometimes the router says “success!” and I can see that it connects on my phone but it immediately closes after it goes to the home screen. the router detects and automatically connects to my home router without any issues it’s only my iPhone that it seems to have issues with. I had no issues with my router set to the original factory firmware and it also loaded faster, was more responsive and I could have the login set to the default password “goodlife”. so how can I downgrade to version 2.7x?

Hi,what is the model of the mobile phone you are using? I use V3.025 firmware for testing, it is normal to connect to my iPhone 8 hotspot, or it is recommended that you try our latest test firmware, if you need to use 2.27x firmware, please provide your email address, I can provide it to you.

I am using an iPhone X on iOS 13.3.1 I’ve Already downgraded the firmware to 2.26 and I can confirm that those issues don’t happen on lower firmware. I am able to connect to the hotspot on boot or by the first or second try and it doesn’t disconnect by itself after about 15 minutes. So it’s a software issue with the latest version. You might want to consider patching that.

I didn’t have any problem connecting to iPhone hotspot with mt300-v2 (on3.025) … but I gave the router away in January so if there has been a significant update then that could have caused issues.

I did notice that the iPhone was a bit finicky for wired tethering if WiFi and Bluetooth were activated though. I found that there was particular issues with USB tethering when the iPhone had the v2 router as a saved WiFi network.

Perhaps you could try deleting the v2’s WiFi network from your iPhone before trying WiFi tethering?

In any case, it’s not the answer you’re looking for but maybe provides some clues.

BTW USB tethering was pretty reliable for me once I ironed out the kinks but the throughout was lower than with WiFi tethering. I found USB tethering much better for extended use overall (on the iphone regarding heat and battery)

Hi,As chromebook said, we find that iPhone hotspots often hide after a period of time, and bssid is not fixed.Currently, you can try to forget the saved network, turn off and turn on the iPhone’s hotspot to connect again.