“It Works!”; Slate Router Portal is White Screen with text, “It works!”

Internet works hardwire and wireless. Did a reboot but to no avail.

Any ideas? Don’t want to fully reset router…

Is that your LAN IP - normally it’s

I think of the “It works” message as the generic apache response for a LAMP stack. Nothing to do with a GL-Inet router, I think.

2 Likes is another server. So pls check your network setup.

You can specify the subnet of each GL iNet device under Advanced->LAN IP, I believe. I have two Slate routers and the other is already running the default 192.168.8.X, hence this is a different subnet.

Are Slate devices considered servers? Genuine question… this is the specified LAN IP subnet as possible via the GL iNet web portal settings.

If I want to connect to the router which I have posted here about, the IP listed in the picture is correct. There is no other server, nor a server in my home, although I wish I had one.

I started using Luci a couple days before I started getting this error. Forgive my ignorance, as from my understanding, it appears to be a non-hardware issue, but where do you suggest I start troubleshooting LAMP issues? Thanks for the helpful response.

Wanted to attach a picture showing where the Slate devices allow users to configure a custom subnet. This picture is of my main, working, Slate router. As is known, you cannot have two routers broadcasting on the same subnet without them being bridged or set as access points. Therefore, I set my second Slate router to a different subnet, as seen in the original picture.

This isn’t a LAMP issue, exactly. It looks like somehow you are reaching a device at 10.1 that may be running a LAMP stack. That isn’t your other slate, and it isn’t LuCI.

You might start with a little more information about your network. I infer that you have an internet router with a local network of some range (what is it?), and both slates have their WAN ports connected to that local network. One slate has its lan in the 8.1 range and one has its lan in the 10.1 range. Then from some device connected via wireless to one of those three routers you are trying to reach 10.1 and getting this response (plus that little warning). Somehow you are reaching a different 10.1.

One idea would be to move the second slate to 11.1 and see what happens. That, it seems to me, would rule out the slates.

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Can you please post a picture of the LAN IP screen of the router that’s giving you problems?

Sir, or mam, you’ve made me feel like a fool, in a good way. I forgot I installed a 16 Port TP-Link Smart Managed switch this past weekend… so found the device that is causing confusion on the network. No clue why I did such minimal troubleshooting. Sorry if my replies come across as crass. I should’ve put more thought into my setup.

If you don’t mind me picking your brain, in regard to this managed router, would you place it as close to the main router as possible, or doesn’t matter?

The current setup is Modem to Mesh Router System to Slate (hardwire) to Unmanaged Switch to Slate (hardwired) to new, Managed Switch.

I think I answered my own question, but my hope is to have all three routers able to share printers, network drives, and my NAS across the entire network.

Dude, thank you so much for putting in a bit of thought and time to put some scope to my issue. Wasn’t exactly what you described, but provided a different perspective for me to analyze the Slate issue.

Thanks man!!!

I wish, but I cannot login, per the picture in my main post. I believe it is due to the new, managed switch I installed this weekend and forgot about. Time to learn about VLANs :slight_smile:

Your thought was correct, kudos and thanks again.

Duh… :roll_eyes:

Reset the router and change it from to and see what happens.

A lot of complexity in that setup. Why do you need the two slates in router mode as opposed to AP mode? It sounds like you’ve got at least three separate physical subnets

If you put everything in one network with a default gateway, DNS server and DHCP server handled by the mesh router, and then hung the slates as APs, printers, switches, NAS and computers with networked drives all off that network, you would save yourself a lot of aggravation.

I don’t think you need to reset the router to do that.