Ivacy + GL-MV1000 connection issue

Hi, I have been using Ivacy with my Synology via PPTP and the connection has been stable (can reach up to 40+ days without the connection being drop). However, I am using the UPD OVPN profile MV1000 and noticed that from time to time the connection would drop in a few hours to a few days. So recently I decided to not reconnect it and see how things would go. What I have discovered is strange – the connection was active for over 400+ hours but no data were being sent. And I logged in to the admin page and just randomly browse a few pages, then the connection resume. The way I verify it is with uptimerobot.com as Ivacy provides a public IP which I can use to register to DDNS. I wonder if there is anything not right with the MV1000?

I am not so sure how doe MV1000 ovpn relate to your Synology pptp. Can you describe how you connect the devices?