I've done port forwarding from my isp router to my BerylAX router(server)

Everything works fine, I’m just wondering if that port I opened on my isp router that is exposed(51820) and also probably the BerylAx(server). Is it Dangerous if i leave them exposed to hackers? What is compromised? What can i do or should i do about it or is it fine to just leave them open without settign up some type of restricted access
Take it that I basically know nothing and thanks in advance

Since it’s only Wireguard it’s ok to expose it - when you use it.


If you can restrict it it would be better. If there is a new exploit against the listening service, you will see hackers scanning the Internet for it!

Restricting it, depends on your usage scenarios. Let say you only connect your modem from specific country or ip provider, you can create an access list restricting it to that range.