Jetpack Tethering over USB?

Is this supported or even possible with the mini routers? I am getting a Verizon 7730L and would like to tether it directly to my AR300-M over USB, to avoid the WiFi hotspot and for a better connection. I know some of commercial products (Pepwave, etc) support this but can it be done with this mini router as well? I know that it did not work with a Pantech MHS291LVW as I had tested it previously and the device would not connect for tethering with the router. I’m guessing it’s a driver issue but not sure. Just wondering if any one here has done this (or is doing it currently) and what can be expected. Thanks!

I have same issue, I use “netgear aircard ac790s” + “AR300M” + “10000mAH power bank”, my solution perfect work at me.

So you are saying the AC790S tethers up to the AR300-M with no issues? That is encouraging if true.

I’m hoping the Novatel device will do the same but no idea. I haven’t received it just yet. A few days.

Hopefully it doesn’t require a custom driver like Pantech apparently does…

I run 12hrs/day, and I already run a week

Nice setup! That’s pretty much exactly what mine looks like - except I use a larger Anker pack and also a wired Ethernet switch off the AR300-M to add wired device(s) to the network if needed. Otherwise, I do the same thing and am hoping the 7730L will be able to operate in the same fashion. It works with my hotspot phone with no issue but that’s pretty standard Android tethering so not a surprise.

Appreciate the responses and the photo. Thank you.

Just want to report that I got a 7730L in yesterday and I was able to tether it up. It took a little work though, for some reason it did not tether automatically. I had to fiddle around in the tether menu of the AR300-M and select the eth interface a few times before it finally brought up the Ethernet. I’m hoping that won’t be required every time I would reconnect the setup as it will be a bit of a hassle; fortunately, this one pretty much will stay connected so it shouldn’t be a huge issue either way. I’m just relieved that it works :slight_smile:

Try to change the USB cable, shorter is better.

Yeah I like to stick to real short cables, although the one I’m using right now is like 6 foot because there’s a greater distance between the little shelf where I have the AR300-M sitting and the 7730L down below on a little desk. It’s a good quality cable (Anker) and it appears to charge the 7730L properly with no issue so I’m guessing it may just be one of those annoyances I have to live with. For this particular setup, it shouldn’t matter too much because I won’t have to reconnect the tethering on a regular basis.

When this happen you may unplug the replug the modem. Settings up multiple times should not make differences.

Yeah, I tried that, but just a replug of the Jetpack doesn’t fix it. It will just sit on “Connecting…” forever. I have to actually turn the MiFi complete off and then back on, replug to the AR300-M, and then it comes up after a bit. It’s rather cumbersome so I’m glad I don’t have to do this often, or it would not be ideal for sure. I’m just glad that it works at all, that was a relief. Sometimes the MiFi devices require proprietary drivers for USB tethering so I wasn’t sure.