Jump captive portal with GL-MT300N-V2

Can you skip a captive portal using a GL-MT300N-V2?

You cannot. The portal will still pop up in your smartphone/pc when you use the router. Otherwise you don’t have Internet.

To be more clear, the portal page will pop up in your first device and other device do not need to go through the portal.

“…skip …” Pls, elaborate.
In general, you can not. Sometimes, you can, as it also depends upon how smart the specific CP is.
I.e. DNS-tunnel might work.

the problem as such is that I live in Cuba, and the internet connection has VERY HIGH PRICES, and it is through a captive portal, we were using your-freedom to skip it, but it does not work anymore, I would like to know if there is any method to do it with a GL-MT300N-V2

Did you use DNS-tunnel of your-freedom ?
(Thats what I suggested before already.)
Looks like they have a good implementation of the tunnel.

captive portals are specifically designed to keep people from skipping them to prevent using them as free internet. people have attempted to write software to ‘automate’ the connection to bypass certain portals, and then the captive portal updates to make that software obsolete. round and round it goes.

sorry to say, it is a loosing battle to play that game.

Also to add, i have encountered some Captive Portals that let you use the internet if you have a lot of sites cached in the DNS cache, but end up banning your MAC address after some minutes which turns out to be much worse.

These are trivial DNS-hijacking CPs. They detect you because of increasing traffic counter, although not authed.

There are thousands of different configurations of captive portals. The OP’s post did not include any technical information. If you want to bypass a specific one, I’m sure there are better places to inquire. My post was replying to the original post stating that there is no generic solution.