Just arrived, first impression

Hi. My test unit is finally on my hands…
Installed 4.0.0 release2, wan to my fritzbox FTTH 1000/100.
Only WiFi 5G activated and no problems near or far from unit.

I tested WG connection to my VPS in Nederland:
224.66 54.30 60ms WiFi Notebook
250.88 104.84 28ms WiFi Notebook no VPN
343.17 57.71 58ms LAN Desktop
679.88 104.96 24ms LAN Desktop no VPN

VPN Policies on for domain list (no vpn). Ok for multiple entries (about 250 entries) on the fly.
Temp 66 Celsius on 27 Celsius in the room
At this moment only a problem:
During activation of vpn dns resolution is late to start.

Test in progress…