Just got my GL-Inet routers...how do I add them to my existing setup?

i have a verizon actiontec coax fios router

Digital Nomad VPN Setup | Tech Relay was reading that to connect my gl-inet routers I have to connect the router directly to my verizon box using ethernet (which ican’t do , old home fishing wires etc ). So Im wondering how could I do this, most easily, using my existing setup. Is there a way to connect my gl-inet router to my existing actiontec verizon fios router, and then take my second travel router and connect to it?

In other rooms in my home I have a coax cable in the wall which I use a coax ->ethernet adapter with ->local router in AP mode. That’s how the internet in my home is setup

Cant i just connect this to my main router, by ethernet, put it in AP mode and be good to go? Edit: tried this and no wireguard features which is what I need

Some more questions

  1. Can’t do the wifi repeater because I have a !@#$ character(s) in my wifi password, noway to allow these characters?
  2. what happens to the setting in my travel router ( a second router I bought) if I unplug it to travel. Do I risk losing all its settings, is there away to locally backup the settings on an sd card in the sd card slot?

It would be super simple if I could somehow use wireguard/tailscale in ap mode…but tihs doesn’t seem possible?

This should be a bug in old firmware. Just upgrade the firmware and it should be OK.

The post actually said two things, setting up as Wireguard server and Wireguard client.

If you use the router as wireguard server, you can connect to your current network via cable and wifi. You cannot take it with you because it is supposed stay in your home as server.

You can take another router with use, setting up as wiregaurd client, connecting to the server router.