Just got my X3000, very impressed, best settings?

I just received my GL3000 and really I’m super impressed, especially compared to the enterprise-level hardware I’ve been running in my home.

I bought this as a toy to carry around, so I would have an OpenWRT configuration at my disposal at all times, but I’m starting to think of using it in other ways. One particular question I have for you is, which type of network storage I should use for the microsd I put in, SAMBA, DNLA? Neither?

Another question is network coverage and dual sim. I don’t imagine I can aggregate the two feeds because I was hoping to get two different Sims from two different operators in the country I’m going to. If you have recommendation for this I would appreciate it.

I intend to do a lot of sequential reads from it, from a single machine, with very few writes, and I’m not too sure which is the best option.

Finally, if you have recommendations as to what best extension to run on this thing, I would be very happy to hear them. Very excited about my purchase. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.

Did you mean GL-MT3000 or GL-X3000?

Gl x3000 (aka spitz ax)

Samba is the only protocol that supports file access, so this is pretty clear :slight_smile:

DLNA is for media streaming only.

The device supports only 1 active SIM. No way to add multiple networks for loadbalancing via cellular