Just Received the GL AR750s EXT

Hello. I just received the AR750s EXT Slate model and I am wondering. I have it working and Openvpn client setup. However is there a manual or more details on this thing? like how to SSH in or configure other settings like a firewall?
I have a external drive connected via USB which shows up, but nothing with the Micro SD card.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

I connected an old Kingston USB pen drive and it shows up nowhere in the default admin panel. Should I see it somewhere in de default admin panel? Where did you see your USB external drive showing up?

Both my USB pen as wel as my SD card shows up in the folder /mnt. You can check that with a SSH connection to the router. How to setup the SSH connection to the router is described here: SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs
When the connection is established you can navigate to the mnt folder with the command cd /mnt.

In my case my Kingstond USB Pen drive was recognized as KINGSTON so I can navigate further to it with cd KINGSTON or directly from the root of the foldertree with cd /mnt/KINGSTON. My SD-card is recognized as sda1 so I can navigate further to it with cd sda1 or directly from the root of the foldertree with cd /mnt/sda.

You can see a human readable overview of the content with ls -lh and if you want to show the hidden files (names beginning with a dot) then you can use ls -lha.

To get a overview of all recognized partitions and how they are mounted in a human readable way you can use df -h.

This is a very basic introduction to Busybox / ash /Bash / etc. For more information it is advisible to search for some tutorials and/or documentation on the internet. You can mount your drives to other paths than /mnt for example. I often mount my drives to a subfolder in a created /data folder and then make /data shareable as a Samba share.

It still doesn’t show.
When I plugged an external USB drive it just shows up under the Basic Data Partition automatically. I can see it in my network shares.
The micro SD I have formatted as FAT32 and Exfat using the Mac OS High Sierra Disk Utility but it still doesn’t show anything. I bought a 128GB SD separately just for this and it’s not working.
Any other ideas? Also is there any other methods to format the card so it will work?
Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.

Okay I think I figured it out. I was not pushing the micro SD card in enough. I guess I was afraid this tiny router was going to break. Once it pops in and I SSH in using Termius and dmesg it does show the micro sd. However I still cannot see the share or access it. I will have to fiddle with it some more. Is there a preferred format? Exfat? or EXT4? I like to be able to use different operating systems. I use a Mac mostly, and then Ubuntu. I also have access to a Windows 7, but I don’t use it as often. I would like to get access to the share through my Roku though as a media server if at all possible.

EXT4 or NTFS is preferred.

By now there is no UI to view the contents but we will add. You can only share using windows share.