Keep home network traffic private

I would like to keep my home network traffic private( i.e hide from ISP ). what is the suggested network setup?
I use flint router as my main router. I don’t use third party vpn provider. Can I run VPN server at home and use the same for home network? if so, more details on this setup would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

To keep your traffic private from your ISP you need an exit node (VPN server) located outside of your ISP’s network. This is typically accomplished with a commercial VPN provider or a “roll your own” VPN using a VPS for example. Google can help with the “roll your own” instructions. Keep in mind that while a VPN will hide your data from your ISP you are now trusting the VPN provider with your data.

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I think the best way is to buy a VPS and build a WireGuard server on it. Then import the generated wireguard client configuration into the router. Here are some build references:
Quick Start - WireGuard
How to set up WireGuard VPN server on Ubuntu 20.04 - nixCraft (
How to get started with WireGuard VPN - UpCloud

Here is more information on creating your own VPN server.

The VPS provider can still monitor all the decrypted outbound data going out from the VPN server and out to the Internet. The VPS provider can directly access the filesystem on your VPS on their disk storage, even without logging into your VPS (unless the filesystem on your VPS is encrypted).

Good VPN providers have independent audits that no logs and no data are retained. VPS providers generally do not do the same. In both cases when you use any 3rd-party provider, there will always be some element of risk, albeit unlikely.

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