Keep on getting redirected!

I keep on keep on getting redirected to every time I go onto I have tried adding index, and index.html?, et cetera, to the end, but am still either getting redirected or left with ‘page not found’.

This started happening when my router rebooted after a firmware update, it is incredibly annoying as my vpn file is not set up.

I’ve tried rebooting, restarting my upper level router, et cetera, no luck.
Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi, the problem is the cache of browsers.

There is several ways you can solve this problem:

  1. visit http://1921.68.8.1/index.html?index . By adding “?index” to the end, the browser will not use the cache. But it still don’t clear the cache.

  2. clear the browser cache manually.

  3. use a different browser which you didn’t visit the router before.