Keezel Replacement Option?

I have been using a Keezel (Keezel – Online Security for Everyone – keezel) since its release to protect my family and me when traveling and using Public/hotel wifi.
The company went belly up mid last year and the device is starting to show its age and lack of support.

I almost bought an Invizbox, but I learned that their portable unit does not allow the use of VPN services (you must use theirs).

I wanted to see if anyone could recommend which device from GL.Inet would work most as the Keezel did (How it Works – keezel).

Thanks in advance.

Personally, A750S or Beryl would be recommended, AR750S quite a bit smaller than Keezel with Beryl getting a bit closer.

Wireguard support and a lot better specs plus 30+ vpn providers, you’ll have a lot faster experience than Keezel anyway. If you want something extra-portable that would still be faster than Keezel with Wireguard, the mango mt300n-v2 is a great buy.

Only potentially drawback with any of these products vs Keezel is the lack of built in battery, but in every other way Gl.inet products are a lot stronger.

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Excellent, what I was looking for.

Thank you.